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Hot Drinks

8oz 2.35 / 12oz 2.50 / 16oz 2.85 Café Con Leche

Coffee with steamed milk

8oz 1.60 / 12oz 1.90 / 16oz 2.35 Drip Coffee

Our delicious brewed coffee of the day

12oz 2.50 Pour-Over Coffee

Fresh ground coffee, brewed to order

One Shot 2.00 Straight Espresso

Strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans

2.60 Macchiato

One shot of espresso topped with a dollop of foam

8oz 3.00 / 12oz 3.60 / 16oz 4.20 Latte

Espresso with steamed milk, topped with foam

8oz 3.00 / 12oz 3.60 / 16oz 4.20 Cappuccino

Equal parts Espresso, foam and milk

8oz 3.40 / 12oz 4.00 / 16oz 4.60 Mocha

Espresso with steamed milk and milk-chocolate

8oz 3.75 / 12oz 4.45 / 16oz 5.00 Prague Mocha

Espresso with steamed milk and fine Belgium chocolate

8oz 3.60 / 12oz 4.25 / 16oz 4.85 Spicy Latte

Latte with a kick of cayenne pepper

8oz 2.35 / 12oz 2.55 / 16oz 2.90 Americano

Espresso with hot filtered water

8oz 2.65 / 12oz 2.85 / 16oz 3.25 Shot In The Dark

Drip coffee with a shot of Espresso

8oz 3.00 / 12oz 3.65 / 16oz 4.30 Chai

A uniquely spiced tea steeped in steamed milk and dressed with cinnamon

8oz 2.80 / 12oz 3.30 / 16oz 4.10 Cocoa

Steamed milked mixed milk chocolate

8oz 3.00 / 12oz 3.50 / 16oz 4.20 Mexican Cocoa

Cocoa with cinnamon and cayenne pepper

8oz 2.40 / 12oz 2.80 / 16oz 3.20 Apple Cider

Hot apple cider

8oz 2.80 / 12oz 3.30 / 16oz 4.10 Steamer

Steamed milk with your choice of flavoring. Great for kids and elderly

2.35 Hot Tea

Your choice of Peach Blossom, Emerald Lily, Moroccan Mint, China Breakfast, Earl Grey, Masala Chai, Chamomile Medley, Lemongrass, Tangerine Ginger, and Red Bush Rooibus

3.95 Yerba Mate

South American tea with a blend of many unique flavors

5.00 Kombucha

A locally made, fermented tea

Cold Drinks

16oz 4.40 / 20oz 4.85 Frozen Big Train

Frozen blended coffee drink in the following flavors: Kona Mocha, Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter, White Chocolate, Grasshopper, Mocha, Decaf Mocha, Sugar-free Mocha, Spiced Chai, Decaf Chai, Sugar-free Chai. You can also add any syrup from our syrup list.

16oz 4.85 / 20oz 5.45 Chai Trains

Frozen Big Train blended with Chai

16oz 4.85 / 20oz 5.45 Grasshopper

Frozen big train with added chocolate and mint

16oz 4.40 / 20oz 4.85 Tea Zing

Tea Zing is frozen blended fruit drink in the following flavors: Wild Berry, Strawberry, and Mango

16oz 4.25 / 20oz 4.80 Iced Latte

Espresso with milk and ice

16oz 3.30 / 20oz 3.75 Toddy

Cold-brewed coffee

16oz 4.25 / 20oz 4.80 Iced Chai

A uniquely spiced tea with milk and ice

16oz 2.35 Iced Yerba Mate

South American tea with a blend of many unique flavors and ice

16oz 4.55 / 20oz 5.05 Iced Mocha

Espresso with milk, ice and milk-chocolate

16oz 3.50 / 20oz 3.95 Italian Soda

Sparkling mineral water with your choice of flavors from our list of syrups

Iced Tea

Iced tea in three flavors: Citron, Black, and Mint Mate

1.35 Bottled Water

Bottle water

1.65 Juice

Apple Juice and Orange Juice

Small 1.75 / Large 2.60 Mexican Sodas

Mexican sodas. Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, IBC Root Beer and Apple


2.00 Biscottis

Small, homemade crisp rectangular twice-baked cookies.

2.00 Cookies

We have homemade cookies and cookies from the Altamont Bakery.

2.30 Muffins

Fresh homemade muffins, with different flavors and recipes every week

2.80 Croissants

Fresh homemade croissants

2.80 Scones

Fresh homemade pastries

4.75 Quiche

Homemade quiche in different recipes each week, including sun-dried tomato


Extra Items

Espresso Shot - .50
Whipcream - .50
Breve - .50
Soy/Almond/Organic Milk - .50
Syrup - .50



Caramel (also in Sugar-Free)
Frosted Mint
Irish Cream
Macadamia Nut
Pumpkin Spice
Raspberry (also in Sugar-Free)
Vanilla (also in Sugar-Free)